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  • Flexible ventilation
    ducting accessories

       different boxes, outlets, caps, rings,
    exterior and shrink-seal connectors

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  • VARIOFLAT DB set of microtubes, individually connected by a thin-walled foil

       Set designed for the installation and mechanical protection of micro-cables with optical fibres for advanced FTTx network technologies.

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  •          Accessories
          for heat recovery systems KLIMAFLEX SB

                     KLIMAFLEX SB flexible plastic ducts
           are designed for air ducts, air-distribution equipment 
    and heat recovery systems.

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Profiles, beads

Profiles, beads

PVC building profiles/ beads and metal building profiles Al.

Tubes, pipes

Tubes, pipes

PE-HD protective pipes, flexible plastic pipes
for air-conditioning systems.

Microtubes, bundles

Microtubes, bundles

Tubes of PE-HD.



Hoses of plasticized PVC.

Custom production

Custom production

Plastic Injection - Moulding and Plastic Extrusion.

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Gas and water hoses

We increased our assortment with Gas and water hoses.


    Company holiday

    The period from 25th to 29th July 2016

    Dear customers and business...


    MATEICIUC a.s. - VAT: CZ60792825; written in the CR at the Regional Court in Ostrava, odd. B 987 Entry

    About us

    The  existence of the company starting from 1990.

    MATEICIUC Company is producer of plastic products by extruding and injection moulding. 

    The aim of the company is to contribute to environmental protection of our planet by production  of energy saving products. Our goal is to build a stable position among major European producers and processors of plastics.

    Quick contact

    Aleš Vavroš - Sales Manager

    +420 556 312 432 +420 605 255 208

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